Leak Detection: Signs of a Water Leak

signs of a water leak

When it comes to leaks, don’t take any chances. Being proactive can stop small problems from becoming major issues. Here are a few tell-tale signs of a water leak in your plumbing system.

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Water Bill Spikes

Check the history of your water bill. If there is a change or pattern of significant increase it could be from an undetected leak. Compare the same month from the previous year to see any indications.

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Foundation Cracks & Shifts

Sudden and frequent cracks could mean you have a pipe leaking behind the scenes. Seepage can cause damage and present itself as cracks in your foundation and other structural components such as walls.

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Ticking Water Meter

After turning off your home's water, check to see if your meter moves. If it starts quickly you could have a significant leak. If it slowly increases, your leak may be of smaller impact. 

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Mold, Mildew & Wet Spots

Look for damp spots around sinks, toilets, showers/tubs, in your laundry area and by the water heater. You may also find water accumulation in your yard. Check for mildew throughout your home- on the floors, walls and ceilings, Beyond the visuals, if you have a persistent damp or musty odor, let your plumber know. 


If you suspect a leak give us a call. We will send our expert team along with our state of the art sewer camera and leak detection tools to inspect and diagnose properly. We will put a game plan in place to have your home repaired quickly.

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Macey Koppa